Maxonrow Wraps Ups its #Maxon World Tour with a Meetup in Bangkok Bangkok is the last destination in Maxonrow’s tour in various cities across America, Europe and Asia

Maxonrow Wraps Ups its #Maxon World Tour with a Meetup in Bangkok
Bangkok is the last destination in Maxonrow’s tour in various cities across
America, Europe and Asia

Bangkok, Thailand Maxonrow is excited to bring the event “Let’s Talk About Blockchain!” to Bangkok.The event consists of a keynote presentation about Blockchain Technology, Maxonrow’s upcoming product releases, and their soon to be inaugurated Community Leader program. The event will be held at the W Hotel from 6:00 until 9:00 PM and includes delicious food and drinks, and will be free of cost to attendees.

Bangkok is the metropolis of Blockchain and Crypto Business, home of various Blockchain companiesand projects that have encountered a favorable climate to conduct business thanks to the support of theThai Government.

The Maxonrow team is looking to take advantage of this climate to learn about the innovative ways Blockchain is being utilized in the region such as the IBM-Maersk Logistics Blockchain to be used by the Thai Customs Agency or Thailand’s Central Bank digital currency initiative.

In addition, Thailand, much like Maxonrow, is interested in deploying Blockchain technology securely, through the implementation of KYC and AML protocols. The event will feature a presentation by Maxonrow’s CEO Mark Homeier, where he will give a general overview of the estate of Blockchain Technology and share Maxonrow’s latest release, the MAX-Wallet , a native wallet connecting to the Maxonrow mainchain, embedded with advanced, mandatory KYC.

“Our Max Wallet aims to be the main user-end application managing the user’s Maxonrow account. In addition to creating what we believe to be the most secure and transparent wallet in the market, Maxonrow is preparing to venture into non-transactional systems as well. By working with governments worldwide, the Maxonrow digital wallet will enable function extensions that would expand the industry beyond the current scope.” said Mark Homeier, Maxonrow’s CEO.

Ximena Cordon, Maxonrow’s Marketing Director, will also speak at the event to share potential opportunities for Bangkok’s Blockchain community through Maxonrow’s Community Leader Program. “We aim to become a global force, and we can’t do that without having a direct relationship with Blockchain communities all over the world. Our goal with this program is to give these communities the tools they need to advocate to bring Blockchain Technology closer to the wide audience of untapped users around the globe,” said Cordon.

For more information about how to attend the event, the maxonrow community leader program, or Maxonrow, you can contact them through the email or their Telegram channel @MXWOfficial.

 About Maxonrow

Established in 2018, Maxonrow is the first network in the world that will connect societies, governments, and businesses with the digital economy through blockchain technology. Maxonrow’s core Blockchain is a mainchain with mandatory KYC verification which is integrated across all products. Our unique approach allows decentralized assets to be exchanged without sacrificing regulatory oversight. Maxonrow’s mainchain is powered by a high-throughput transactional chain, transparent and predictable transaction fee structure, user issued tokens, and a secure validator management system. Whether you are an individual, a small business, a financial institution, an NGO or a government, Maxonrow can help you achieve your goals through innovative blockchain technology solutions.For more information, please visit .